Savvy Shopping - Thanksgiving Deals - November 12, 2013

4:12 PM, Nov 16, 2014

Get tips on how to find the best Thanksgiving deals from Sac&Co's savvy shopping expert, Diana Davis. 

Performance Coaching - September 24, 2014

8:49 PM, Sep 24, 2014

Learn about the benefits of performance coaching!

Family Holiday Parties - September 10, 2014

4:12 PM, Sep 11, 2014

Get boo-tastic Halloween party ideas from personalized party planning expert Sandy Casey. 

Author Tim Rymel - August 29, 2014

5:38 PM, Aug 29, 2014

Learn how local author Tim Rymel made the journey from a closeted Evangelical Christian Minister to a happy self-accepting gay men in his new book, "Going Gay."

Career Focus - August 29, 2014

4:55 PM, Aug 29, 2014

Learn how to make a successful career transition and land the job of your dreams. 

Savvy Shopper - August 28, 2014

12:01 AM, Aug 29, 2014

Savvy Shopper Diana Davis is back with tips on where to find the best back to school deals. 

Recycled Back to School Fashions - August 7, 2014

12:49 PM, Aug 28, 2014

Find out how to turn outdated clothes into the latest fashion trends with tips from local stylists Hannah Be. 

Hit or Miss Apps - August 22, 2014

7:41 PM, Aug 22, 2014

Find out which back to school apps will help kids get to the head of the class. 

Dating or Sorting - August 18, 2014

5:32 PM, Aug 22, 2014

August is Romance Awareness Month! Find out how to find the mate of your dreams- online. 

Back to School Meals - August 18, 2014

5:31 PM, Aug 22, 2014

Chef Dan shows host Mellisa Paul how to make easy and nutritious meals that the entire family can enjoy together. 

Back to School Fitness - August 21, 2014

5:30 PM, Aug 22, 2014

Don't let a summer workout  routine disappear when the kids return to school. Find out how busy parents can stay fit in and out of the gym.  

DMV - August 19, 2014

5:29 PM, Aug 22, 2014

Check out the new automated driver license exam available at the DMV.  

Duct Tape Crafting - August 4, 2014

5:29 PM, Aug 22, 2014

Check out the latest craze taking the craft world by storm- Duct Tape crafting! 

Living Skinny - August 15, 2014

3:50 PM, Aug 21, 2014

Find out how to get your diet back on track for fall with a new book, "Living in Fat Genes."

Pet Talk with Dr. Lisa Hess - July 7, 2014

5:38 PM, Jul 7, 2014

Protect your pets this summer with helpful tips from Pet Talk with Dr. Lisa Hess.

Breaking into the Biz - May 20, 2014

11:45 AM, May 22, 2014

Hear how one former child actor is helping parents navigate through the entertainment industry maze. 

Family Financial Cents - May 9, 2014

3:31 PM, May 9, 2014

Learn how to prepare for a new bundle of joy without breaking the family budget. 

Pet Talk with Dr. Lisa Hess - May 5, 2014

3:36 PM, May 5, 2014

Dr. Lisa Hess, DVM, explains the mistakes that dog owners make that may impact their pet's health. 

Hit or Miss Apps - April 25, 2014

7:56 PM, Apr 25, 2014

Find the best apps for spring and summer with Sac&Co apps expert Edith Sumaquial.

Pet Talk - April 21, 2014

4:19 PM, Apr 21, 2014

Find out how to help find relief from allergies. 

Ready Set Taxes - April 14, 2014

2:56 PM, Apr 14, 2014

Last minute tax tips from Daniel Tahara with the Franchise Tax Board. 

Springtime Savings - March 26, 2014

8:12 AM, Mar 27, 2014

Learn valuable savings tips from a coupon expert, and find out what to buy for a brand new spring season!

Couples Communication - March 6, 2014

6:56 PM, Mar 6, 2014

Learn how to improve the communication in your relationship.  

Severe Speech Delays - February 17,2014

7:25 PM, Feb 17, 2014

Find out how to detect speech delays in children and where to turn for help. 

Outdoor Pickers Market - February 17, 2014

7:24 PM, Feb 17, 2014

Discover trash to treasure deals at the upcoming Outdoor Pickers Market in Rocklin. 

Ready Set Tax Time! - February 5, 2014

9:16 PM, Feb 6, 2014

Sac & Co contributor Daniel Tahara with the  Franchise Tax Board shares tips on how filers can get ready for tax day and some of the benefits in filing early.

Pet Talk - February 3, 2014

8:44 PM, Feb 6, 2014

Sac&Co's Pet Talk contributor, veterinarian Dr. Lisa Hess, DVM, explains what parents should do when pets become aggressive towards kids. 

Pet Talk - September 9, 2013

3:05 PM, Sep 10, 2013

Sac&Co's Pet Talk contributor, Dr. Lisa Hess, DVM, explains the dangers of pet seizures and what pet parents should look out for.

Family Financial Cents - August 21, 2013

2:37 PM, Aug 21, 2013

On this month's episode of Family Financial Cents, contributor Sarah Cook along with her ten year old son Jonathan, discuss how he has turned his summer jobs into a thriving business.

Family Financial Cents- February 15, 2013

10:42 AM, Feb 20, 2013

Sarah Cook, author of Raising CEO Kids, and contributor for Sac&Co's "Family Financial Cents" Series, shared tips on why it's important for everyone in the family to be aware of the importance of saving money.

My Neighborhood Amazing Viral Race - July 27, 2012

5:39 PM, Jul 27, 2012

Win great prizes when you join in on News10 My Neighborhood's Amazing Viral Race!

California Department of Boating & Waterways - July 26, 2012

5:04 PM, Jul 26, 2012

Keeping yourself and family safe while on our areas lakes, rivers and pools is a part of summer in our area. Do you know which life jacket is best for each activity?

Hair, Makeup and Fashion Battle - July 23, 2012

4:43 PM, Jul 23, 2012

The Extreme Hair and Makeup Battle is coming to Sacramento. And you're invited!