Kid's Health

Super Hero Kids Health & Safety Fair - September 26, 2014

4:39 PM, Sep 30, 2014

Check out a free health and safety fair for kids! 

Autism Walk - September 19, 2014

12:23 PM, Sep 22, 2014

Hear how to help fund much needed autism research at the upcoming Walk Now for Autism Speaks walk. 

Living Without Sugar - August 27, 2014

1:34 PM, Aug 28, 2014

Learn how to reduce your child's daily sugar intake from the author of the new book, "I Love Me More Than Sugar." l

Give For Kids Telethon: Roy McGovern - August 8, 2014

8:39 AM, Aug 26, 2014

Learn how one local patient of the UC Davis Children's Hospital is helping to give back in a big way during the "Give For Kids Telethon on News10!

College Campus Safety - August 14, 2014

8:46 AM, Aug 15, 2014

Protect your college-aged kids with a crash course on campus safety from the Mother of a college girl!

AirAllé Lice Experts - July 21, 2014

2:09 PM, Jul 22, 2014

Find out how a unique, natural treatment is changing the way children and parents get rid of Head lice once and for all.

ISR Swimming Techniques - July 15, 2014

9:39 AM, Jul 15, 2014

Gain peace of mind this summer thanks to a new swimming technique known as ISR. Give a child a fighting chance in the pool, and a step ahead in life with this incredible new program.

Jason Thompson Elite Basketball Camps - June 24, 2014

4:10 PM, Jun 25, 2014

Learn how Jason Thompson is helping young people realize their hoop dreams during the Jason Thompson Elite Basketball Camps.

Dad Author - June 12, 2014

3:26 PM, Jun 13, 2014

Find out how one Dad's creativity helped his four year old son battle cancer. 

Girls on the Run - May 21, 2014

1:45 PM, May 22, 2014

Hear how the organization Girls on the Run uses running to empower girls to be the best they can be. 

Autism Family Friendly Events - May 2, 2014

5:28 PM, May 2, 2014

Learn more about the Autism Family Friendly events at the Sacramento Public Library. 

Kid Bargains - February 19, 2013

5:48 PM, Feb 19, 2014

Allermates Allergy Bands are fun and colorful bracelets that create awareness about a child's food allergy.

"Navigating Autism" - June 19, 2013

8:11 PM, Jun 20, 2013

Do you have a child who has been diagnosed with Autism? Husband and wife Andrew and Melissa Areffi share their tips in their book "Navigating Autism"

VSP Vision Care - June 6, 2013

7:50 PM, Jun 6, 2013

Big Mountain Heating & Air - January 15, 2013

4:18 PM, Jan 17, 2013

Big Mountain Heating & Air brings their heating knowledge and informs viewers with ways to save money on their own heating equipment.

Dr. James Martin - September 13, 2012

5:20 PM, Sep 17, 2012

Dr. James Martin talks to host, Mellisa Paul about the causes of ADD/ADHD and how his workshop can benefit you.

California Department of Boating & Waterways - July 26, 2012

5:04 PM, Jul 26, 2012

Keeping yourself and family safe while on our areas lakes, rivers and pools is a part of summer in our area. Do you know which life jacket is best for each activity?

Get Fit With The Kings - January 11, 2012

12:22 PM, May 16, 2012

Sacramento Kings Dance Manager and personal trainer Jennifer Santich, discusses the "Get Fit With the Kings" initiative with host Mellisa Paul.  

California Child Safety Awareness Month - May 1, 2012

12:18 PM, May 16, 2012

Make sure you are doing everything in your power to keep your kids safe!

Healthy Kid Snacks - May 4, 2012

9:01 AM, May 7, 2012

Learn how to make quick and nutritious treats for your kids!

The Effort - Free Health Clinic - December 22, 2011

9:07 AM, May 4, 2012

Dr. Porteus comes on to tell our viewers how they can take advantage of The Effort - Free Health Clinic's new facility in North Highlands.

Homeschooling - February 7, 2012

9:05 AM, May 4, 2012

    Homeschooling is becoming more popular every day, with a growing rate of 7 to 15 percent per year.

America's Parenting Coach - March 13th

9:03 AM, May 4, 2012

Learn more about the "Family Constitution" and what matters to your kids when it comes to your parenting.