Heroic dog takes rattlesnake bite for boy owner

10:19 AM, May 16, 2012   |    comments
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MONROVIA, CA - A Siberian Husky named Boone is a local hero after risking his life to protect his 14-year-old owner.

Boone and his owner, Daniel Whitman, were in the backyard of their Monrovia, California home when the five-year-old dog jumped between the unsuspecting boy and a coiled rattler.

"I was actually cleaning up after the dog and I heard him run to the corner of my eye," Daniel said. "I looked over and I saw the rattle of the rattlesnake start going off," said Whitman.

According to the Monrovia Patch, Whitman ran back inside at the sight of the snake and Boone followed soon thereafter. However, when Boone began acting peculiar minutes later, the Whitmans suspected something was wrong.

"There didn't appear to be anything physically wrong with him," Whitman's father told the Monrovia Patch. "He started to kind of twist his head funny and look up at the ceiling like he was in pain."

Sure enough, Boone had been bitten in the face during the encounter with the rattlesnake.

Whitman rushed Boone to the nearest after-hours vet equipped to treat venomous snake bites. Luckily, the Whitman's got their Husky to the vet in time save his life. However, the tissue-destroying properties in the venom took their toll on Boone's face, causing severe swelling and flesh damage through the next day.

Boone now bears a lasting emblem of his loyalty and courage, as well as a reminder to other pet owners of the need to vaccinate their dogs against snake bites.

Whitman said he was going to make it his mission to raise public awareness on venom vaccinations for dogs.


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