How to safely and best view Sunday's solar eclipse

4:50 PM, May 19, 2012   |    comments
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Solar eclipse, courtesy: Getty Images

SACRAMENTO, CA - To fully see Sunday's solar eclipse may require a road trip from Sacramento to Reno or Lake Tahoe.

Sacramento astronomy lovers will get a partial eclipse in the valley while folks farther north will see the full "ring of fire."

In a rare occurrence, the sun will appear as a thin ring behind the moon.

The eclipse will be visible from several western states including Northern California.

Many astronomers will use a special solar telescope. Dr. Chris Taylor uses the instrument to teach his class at Sacramento State University. Taylor and his family will join millions around the world looking skyward for a glimpse of the solar eclipse.

"The moon is gonna pass between the earth and sun and block out part of the sun. Here in the Sacramento area we're going to get a partial eclipse," said Taylor.

Scientists warn do not look directly at the eclipse without proper protection like eclipse glasses which are made to protect your eyes.

"I cannot overstate this, there are people who just don't pay heed to this, or who get bad information. They can really go blind and I just want to help them avoid that," said Sacramento City College Astronomy Professor Liam McDaid.

This weekend's eclipse may just be a tease for many astronomers. Many people are looking forward to June 5. That is when a transit is set to take place, which means the planet Venus will be in front of the sun. The last time that happened was hundreds of years ago.


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