Homemade Heirlooms for Kids - May 25, 2010

11:07 AM, May 25, 2010   |    comments
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From video games to sports, kids these days have plenty of activities to keep them busy. But Susan Johnson wants to make sure they grow up learning a few other things as well.

The master crafter shows us how she believes in engaging kids in learning to make quality crafts. She says it can be as simple as picking out some swatches of fabric and colors from a craft store and having them sit on your lap while you sew. Or you can save pieces of favorite clothes to use in a quilt. She says simple things like just painting and putting colors in egg containers offers a chance to spark the imagination ... with no lines they have to follow or color in! Susan also recommend bringing items for kids to play with on trips, at restaurants etc like a chalk mat.

She also encourages exposing kids to the arts including to the Crocker Art Museum or Second Saturdays. She also recommends a trip to local farmer's markets to see healthy food and then cook together with it later. She says it's not ultimately what you make together or see, it's the time spent engaged with one another.

You can see more of her tips on her Bella Mae facebook page




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